We sing “Silent Night” every Christmas Eve to close out the Christmas Eve worship service. I love it.

But I wonder how silent that first Christmas night was… probably not too silent with all the people in Bethlehem, the animals in the manger, the woman in labor, the angelic host shouting from the skies. It wasn’t too silent. It was quite noisy. And yet, Jesus was there. As a tiny baby in the midst of it all.

This is a noisy world. You have competing voices vying for your attention. Sales people asking for your money. Politicians asking for your vote. Children asking for your attention. Employers asking for your time. On top of that, you’ve got anxiety, fear, stress, and worry. You’ve got health issues and medicines. You’ve got to-do lists. You’ve got presents and parties. There is a lot of noise in your life.


Where is Jesus?

He’s with you. In it. Among it. Over it. Through it.

Sometimes I think we just struggle to hear that still, small, quiet voice of God with all the noise.

Whether you’re with us on Christmas Eve, or if you’re traveling and spending the Holiday with someone else, I pray that your Christmas is filled with the truth that God is with you.

With you.

For you.

Always and forever.

Be silent for a night and hear His voice.


Merry Christmas!

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron