How do you know you are saved? How do you know who God is? How do you know what Jesus has done for you? How do you know forgiveness and eternal life is yours? How do you know all of this? You know it because of Scripture Alone.


Having the ability to read God’s Word in your own language is a result of the Reformation and the hard work of Martin Luther. He was the first to translate the Bible (from the original Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament) into the common language of the people. Otherwise, people really only had access to God’s Word through what was told to them.

I’m going to share some statistics on Sunday morning about the reliability of the Bible. I hear challenges like these a lot. “How do we know that the Bible is accurate? Hasn’t it lost its true meaning after all these years and copies being made in different languages?” The Bible, over and above any other ancient text is incredibly accurate and consistent. So much so – that we’d almost have to say…”it’s a miracle!”