Imagine you’re in a swimming pool and you’re drowning. Your head pops above the water just to yell, “Help! Help!” Above, you see the lifeguard on his stand looking at you. He’s holding a life ring. And he says, “Come grab the life ring! This will save you!”

If that’s the case, you’re in big trouble, right? If you’re drowning you can’t save yourself.

Yet, prior to the Reformation, this was how salvation was being taught. “Yes,” they would say, “Jesus is the way to salvation. But you must come and get him.”

Jesus would be like that life ring that the lifeguard is holding. Try. Try. Try. And if you want, you could offer the lifeguard some money and he might toss the life ring to you.

That was the situation prior to the Reformation. People being taught that they need to earn their way to salvation through their own works. And they could also pay their way out of potential punishment through the purchase of indulgences.

The Reformation was ALL ABOUT JESUS. Jesus throws himself into the depths of the pool to rescue us even without our asking. Not only does he rescue us from death, but he dies in our place.

The Reformation was ALL ABOUT JESUS and over the course of the next 4 weeks we will see how the Reformation is still ongoing in our own lives, and the fact that IT’S STILL ALL ABOUT JESUS!