Generosity (1).jpg

Lights. Camera. Action.

We’ve been talking a lot about generosity the last two weeks. Having talked about some of the “what” and “why” questions like “What are our attitudes about generosity” and “Why are we motivated to be generous” now it’s time to get practical and talk about “how.” We’ve done the lights and the camera. Now it’s time for action. How do we live generously? And what does the Bible say about how we can live generously with our actions?

I think when it comes down to it we’re really talking about our time and our money.

Some people say that time is money. Some people say that money is time.

Time and money are both things that it seems we never have enough of, and in order to manage them both wisely takes much discipline.

How many times have you said things like, “I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day,” or, “I should plant a money tree in my yard”?

The question becomes, “Does God give us just enough time and money to take care of ourselves?” Or, do you think that God actually gives to you enough time and money to give back to Him, share with others, and take care of yourself?

The ways that you use your time and your money say a lot about your values and your priorities.

So – how do you value time and money? What do you do with it? How can you live generously with these things?

All this and more on Sunday morning! I hope to see you there!