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Just a note: At the early service on 10/8, we had a technical difficulty with the slides for the sermon. With so many statistics being shared about generosity, you may want to see this if you missed it. This video has been edited in order to provide that information if you want to take a look!


What motivates you to be generous? Some people give because it makes them feel good. Some people are generous because it helps their neighbor in need. But…then again, they often feel good as a result of helping out. So, what motivates you to be generous?

I think the root of generosity needs to begin from a place of humility.

In order to be generous, we need to recognize first of all that God is the giver of all things. If we acknowledge this, then we are – by definition – being humble.

There’s a story that we’ll read on Sunday from Luke 18 where Jesus tells a parable about a Pharisee and a Tax Collector. The Pharisee boasts in himself. He ridicules that Tax Collector. But, the Tax Collector humbly confesses his sins to God, and Jesus exalts the humble Tax Collector.

Who are you more like?