Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost              Oct. 8, 2017                                                                                        

SERVICE:  (Sun.)   8:30 AM – Contemporary Svc.

11:00 AM – Traditional Svc., w/comm.

Divine Svc. II, page 167

HYMNS: (Late. Svc.) #797 + #782 + #921 + Comm. Hymns #621 + #605


LESSONS: Genesis 4:1-16 + 1 John 3:11-18 + Mark 12:41-44


(Sun.)   Ushers: 8:30 a.m.:  Christian Fitzgerald, Craig Sporalski,

Mark VanWagner, John Litzner

11:00 a.m.:  Gary Worrall, Jerry Smith,

Peter Pietila, Deb Olson

Elders:  Duane Fenske (Early)

Don Kuiper, Charles Wright (Late)

Acolytes:  Kricia Jenkins (Early)

Abbigail Hietala, Kierah Hietala (Late)

Lay Reader: Jason Sommerville

Greeters: Stan & Lou Ann Vitton (Early)

Lynn Lanala, Nancy Pintar (Late)

Office Information:

Open Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30am-3:30pm





Pastor: Aaron Gehrke; pastorgehrke@copperluth.org

Director of Youth & Campus Ministry: Marcus Huff: marcus@copperluth.org

Office Manager: Judy Fenske; secretary@copperluth.org

Facilities Manager: Don Kuiper; maintenance@copperluth.org

Business manager: Jason Auel; business@copperluth.org

Volunteer Ministry Staff:

Worship Support: Lou Ann Vitton; worship@copperluth.org

Group Life: Rob & Anne Cooke; groups@copperluth.org

Community: Kerri Mayra; community@copperluth.org

Children’s Ministry: Abby Gehrke; children@copperluth.org

TO ALL VISITORS ATTENDING WORSHIP THIS MORNING:  We are thankful that you are worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus with us.  Part of worshiping our Lord is bringing our financial gifts in the form of offerings to support the ministry of Christ’s church.  As our guest today, please do not feel obligated to give an offering.  We are just thankful that you are here and hope you will continue to worship with us. Want to give your offerings online? Go to www.copperluth.org/give or text “copperluth” to 77977 from your smartphone to get started.

 HOLY COMMUNION: In preparation to receive the Lord’s Supper, please ask yourself these questions: Have I confessed and repented of my sins? Do I believe that in this Sacrament I am receiving the actual body and blood of Christ, under the bread and wine, into my mouth, for the forgiveness of my sins? Do I share the confession and wish to participate in the unity of this congregation? Will I, with the Lord’s help, amend my sinful life? If you answer, “yes” to all of these questions, please join us for this blessed gift from God for our forgiveness.

If you need a gluten free wafer, please ask the pastor when you are kneeling at the rail.

MISSED A SERVICE?  Watch archive sermons at www.copperluth.org/sermon-archive.

Church Communications Updates

We have some new communications methods that we want to make sure you are receiving, if you desire.

  • Wednesday Morning Weekly Update Email

If you’re not receiving this, please email secretary@copperluth.org to be added to the list. Or, check your spam folder in your email.

  • *NEW Church App for mobile phones and tablets (Apple, Android, Windows, Amazon) Go to the app store on your device and search for “Saints Peter and Paul” and you’ll see it.

$2 Challenge: Today you will receive $2 in an envelope when you leave church. Every person at church gets two dollars–even little children. The rules are on the envelope. It says, “Complete by the end of November,” but we would encourage you to try and do something in the next two weeks. Send your stories to twodollarchallenge@copperluth.org. I would like to share some stories during the final Generosity sermon on 10/22. For more inspiration on ideas of what to do, go to www.copperluth.org/twodollarchallenge to read stories from the last time we did this in October, 2015. Thanks! Pastor Aaron

 Dear SS. Peter & Paul Family, You lifted us up and sustained us with prayers, cards, messages, and good wishes during Gary’s recent medical crisis.  We pray for continued healing and good health. We love and appreciate all of you. Gary & Barb Worrall.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Members are invited to address the Board of Directors during their regular meetings.  The next meeting is on Thursday, October 12, at 6:00PM. Current Board members are Dala Beard, Bob Chalgren, Jed Chrestensen, Maura Leinonen, John Pemberton, Jim Spence, and Judy Zei.

 DORCAS SOCIETY/LWML – will be holding a Bake Sale on Sunday, October 15, after each Service, to help underwrite the meal at the Life Outreach Center’s Annual Fundraising Dinner.  The Dinner will take place on Tuesday, October 24, at the Siskiwit Hall in Calumet. Guest speaker at the Dinner will be Father Corbin Eddy.  If anyone is interested in attending the event, please contact Jean Pemberton (487-9412).
The next Dorcas Society meeting is on Tuesday, October 17, starting at 6:30 p.m.  In addition to the regular Business Meeting, we will be honored to have local author, Kristin Neva, as our guest speaker.  She will be focusing on writing and what it involves, as well as giving an update on her husband Todd’s struggle with ALS (Lou Gehrig Disease).  Her books will be available for purchase that evening also.  We invite all the ladies in our midst to join us that evening.  It will end with a delicious dessert of some kind.

CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S BRUNCH will be held on Thursday, Oct. 12th at 9:15 a.m. at Zion Lutheran Church – Hancock.  The program will feature Darley Kemppainen, and Katie Luther.  For reservations please phone 482-3426.  Donation: $8.00.  Everyone is welcome.


Sunday            8:30 AM                    Contemporary Svc.

9:45 AM                        Education Classes

10:00 AM                       New Member Class

11:00 AM                       Traditional Svc., w/comm.

Tuesday          7:30 AM                      Men’s Bible Study

10:30 AM                       Women’s Bible Study

Wednesday     9:00 AM                     Parents Day Out

4:00 PM                        Confirmation Class

Thursday         6:30 PM                      Bd. of Directors

Next Sunday   8:30 AM                     Contemporary Svc., w/comm.

9:45 AM                        Education Classes

10:00 AM                       New Member Class

11:00 AM                       Traditional Svc.

“Lutheran Hour” Radio Ministry, Sunday 8:30 AM, WHKB 102.3FM


Sun. 10/1 – (8:30) 178 + (11:00) 123 = 301


Offerings Received to Date: $331,064.44

Weekly Operating Budget Need: $8,807 – Offerings Last Week:  $9,566.18