This coming Sunday we will begin a 3 week sermon series on Generosity (Attitudes, Motivations, Actions). Would you consider Generosity to be an admirable characteristic? I imagine that most everyone would say, “Yes.” I think Christians and non-Christians would probably all agree on this.

Then the next obvious question we should ask ourselves is, “Am I generous?”

I don’t know…are you? I suppose the answer might be based in how we define generosity.

On Sunday we’re going to read the Bible story of Cain and Abel. Do you know this one? The sons of Adam and Eve bring offerings to God. Abel brings the best of the best. Cain brings his leftovers. God is pleased with Abel. He is displeased with Cain. Cain murders his brother.

What are our attitudes about Generosity?

Do we give our money after we’ve gotten our bills paid and taken care of everything at home? Or, do we give a generous portion first and foremost before even paying bills?

Do we give our time after we’ve taken care of all our household projects? Or, do we just graciously give our time?

What are our attitudes about Generosity?

Different people will answer differently. They’ll answer differently about what a generous act even is. You and I most likely have different answers and will qualify certain actions as more or less generous than others.

We’re going to try and open this conversation on Sunday morning. What are our attitudes about Generosity? And how do we evaluate how more or less generous one action is over another, or how more or less generous one person is over another.

In order to do this, I will also be sharing some research that was done by the folks at Barna research in collaboration with Thrivent Financial. They put together a study called The Generosity Gap. Here’s a preview if you want to take a look.

My prayer for this series is that above all else, we will marvel at the incredible, beyond-expectation, Generosity that our Heavenly Father has for us. He gives everything so that we can have everything.

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron