Do you know anyone who seems to be without hope? Lost? Overwhelmed? Burdened? Frankly – maybe it’s you. And it could be you right now. Is there hope for the hopeless? The short answer: yes. And, God is working through people like you to be hands of hope for the hopeless.

As we’ve taken a solid dive into this theme of hope, I’ve heard a lot of feedback from folks on how much needed this conversation of hope is. The reason it is so needed is because there are so many who are in seemingly hopeless situations.

Just in the last two weeks, I’ve already heard stories of a couple suicides that have occurred in members’ families. There have been new diagnoses of cancer. Some are starting new cancer treatment, and others are ending their treatment because it hasn’t worked. We have church members that are hospitalized with no clear answers. Others are going through difficult situations in their marriages and with their children.

Is there really hope? True hope? Lasting hope? Eternal hope.

YES! Jesus rose from the dead. And because he lives we will also live forever. He is coming back to make all things new!

My prayer is that during the last two weeks you have clearly heard what our hope is. And, more than that, I pray that hope has not just remained in your head but moved into your heart as a real experience. This week we will focus on the fact that we are called to be Hands of Hope in a world that often has no hope.


So, who do you know that needs an extra measure of hope? How has God uniquely gifted you to go and be His hands of hope to that person (people) who seem to have no hope?

You are the means by which God brings his message of hope into the world. Yes, you. You who are broken. You who don’t have it all together. You. God has called you. He has claimed you. You belong to him for all of eternity.

Go and be his Hands of Hope.


Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron