This Sunday, September 10th, is our annual Rally Day service which means only one service at 10am followed by a lunch and super fun family games/activities (bounce house, “dunk tank,” cotton candy, and much more!)

We will be launching our fall kick-off series entitled “People of Hope.”

“I really hope…”

It seems we say these words as a last ditch effort. As in, “If all else fails, I really hope this will pan out.” But what kind of hope is a hope that’s not definite?

As Christians, we are People of Hope because Jesus always follows through on his promises. Our hope is in Jesus. And if he always follows through, then our hope is not fleeting. Our hope is not just wishful thinking. Our hope is actually real and true.

Do you know that what you believe about the future affects your present reality? It does. If you don’t believe that you have a future, that will affect the way you live today. If you believe you have a future, that too, will affect the way you live today.

For four weeks, in sermons and small group Bible studies, we will put hope into perspective and into practice as God shapes us to be People of Hope.

Week 1: Hope in the Head

Main Goal: Define what our hope is as Christians.

Week 2: Hope in the Heart

Main Goal: Knowing what our hope is, this session will show how having a sure and certain hope affects our hearts as we deal with the situations of life.

Week 3: Hands of Hope

Main Goal: There are many in this world who say they have hope, but really they just have wishful thinking. This session will challenge us to live as people of hope for  people with no hope.

Week 4: People of Habitual Hope

Main Goal: As we continuously place our hope in Jesus, and live it out with others, we will become people of habitual hope.


I pray that you will join us for this time of study. If you aren’t in a small group Bible study, but would like to follow along with the materials at home, you can download the Participant Guide for personal study.


Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron