It often seems like my children are making demands of me. “Dad, get me a marker.” And I respond, “Did you ask me?” “Dad, will you please pass me a marker.” Sometimes I do. And sometimes…like, if we’re in the middle of dinner…I say, “Thank you for asking, but no you may not have a marker right now. After dinner I would be happy to get it for you though.”

Sometimes, I think our prayer life is like that. We make demands of God. We ask and we ask. At times he answers right away. At times not. This can be frustrating for us and we wonder if he really hears us.

I think, with time, and daily obedience to God, we learn more and more what He is like. As we grow deeper in this relationship, we are more conformed to His Word and therefore to His ways.

Have you ever been praying to God, and then God seems to change your mind in the midst of your prayer?

I was talking to my brother and his wife the other day who have been temporarily displaced from their home in Houston, TX due to Hurricane Harvey. Before being evacuated they said that their prayer started as, “Lord, please protect our home.” But during those prayers, their hearts were shaped. Their prayers changed. The prayer changed from focused on themselves, to the greater things of asking God to simply preserve life – their lives, and the lives of all affected by this flooding. 6

God can do that. He can change hearts. He can even change prayers. He hears you. He wants what’s best for you. And He’s already given you the greatest miracle – eternal life. It’s yours. Today.

Find hope in his good and gracious will for you!

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron