This past Thursday, on July 20th, the families, along with Laura and Jennifer, met at the garden for another work day. They weeded, transplanted some plants, planted more seeds, put up twine for beans and peas, placed trellises for the cucumbers, and harvested the first vegetables-radishes!

The day was filled with teaching, learning, laughing, sharing, and seeing God’s work. He has truly blessed us with water this summer, along with creating times of fellowship.

The faithful leaders of The Garden haven’t ever grown cucumbers before, so they did their best at attempting a plan for trellising them. Everything looked good on paper; however, when the time came to construct them, it didn’t quite work how they expected. Fortunately, several members of The Garden are very experienced gardeners/farmers, as well as engineering students, and graciously helped to make the best of what we had. We decided that next year, we’d meet with the families before planting day to design the garden beds and trellises with them! There’s so much we can learn from each other!

Stay tuned for future work days where we will all learn the watering system, vegetable canning/pickling, recipe sharing, and continue to enjoy the company of each other.

We thank all those involved, and of course, the good Lord as He helps us fulfill The Garden’s mission.
Laura Huff & Jennifer DePuydt