Yesterday was Independence Day. It’s the birthday of our nation. We live in a nation that gives us the opportunity to live as free people. We are free to work. We are free to play. We are free to worship. I give God thanks for the tremendous blessings that we have to live in this nation.

On Sunday, we will gather together for the 6th part of our 150 Year Old Mission, “Extend a helping hand in human need.”

Even with all the blessings and benefits that are afforded to us in this country, we still all, at different times find ourselves in need of help from other people. I am grateful that I have people in my life to help me with auto and home repair needs. Yet, there are also other times, where I have been financially in need and depended on the generosity of family to assist me. And, at all times, I have a need for the fellowship of brothers and sisters in Christ, as we talked about last week.

The longer I live, the more I realize how dependent I am on other people. And that’s not a bad thing. By allowing others to help me, I also give them the opportunity to use their God given gifts to “extend a helping hand in human need.” I hope that I also am afforded the same opportunity by them at some point that they will allow me to assist them in the ways that I am able.

There are some of you who are going through incredibly difficult times right now and have great “human need.” My prayer is that, as the church we will extend our hand to help and that you would receive it not as just the hand of people, but the very hand of God himself working through us.

I pray that we would all have the eyes of Christ to look out for our neighbor in need and extend the hand of help in the name of Jesus Christ.

You are free to do this. Will you?


Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron

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