As I write this, I should let you know that I just consumed a left over donut from Sunday. Thanks for not eating them all up!

What do we usually call that time on Sunday morning when we gather together and drink coffee and eat donuts? I think most of us call it “fellowship” time. A lot of you call that big room the “fellowship hall” (although, most of the kids call it the “donut room”).

I think that fellowship is one of those church words that we throw around, but we may not necessarily have the fullest understanding of what it means.

Most of us probably think that fellowship means spending time, hanging out, getting to know people. And, that definitely is true. Yet, fellowship is a Bible word.

In the Greek, the word is koinonia (first used in Acts 2:42) and it means “share” or “have participation in a common thing.” Again, coffee, donuts, and conversation play a role in this. Yet, in the Scriptures the word koinonia has both earthly and heavenly connections at the same time. There is an earthly element and a heavenly element when we are joined with brothers and sisters in Christ.

On Sunday, we’ll read 1 John 1:1-10 which demonstrates how it is that we share in fellowship (koinonia) both with Christ and with one another.

Flowing out of last week’s sermon on unity, coming through forgiveness and love, this sermon on “fostering Christian fellowship and love” will follow suit in bringing Christian people together in sharing together Christ’s love for us.

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron


P.S. Check out these Lutheran Michigan Tech students enjoying some fellowship time in 1959!