What exciting news I have to share with you all regarding the community garden. With a lot of prayers and work, the garden is moving forward with momentum! The garden’s wonderful team leaders, Jen DePuydt-Saari and Laura Huff, worked hard in moving the garden forward and their efforts paid off.

On Sunday, June 11th, four families, friends, volunteers, and the garden’s team leaders showed up ready and excited to execute a plan that has been in the works for months. They hit the ground running with smiles plastered on their faces and had the garden beds weeded before long. Many who were there had dirty hands by the end, but didn’t seem to mind as they worked toward their goal. They laughed and joked, told stories and shared their experiences with gardening and life. It was truly amazing to see God at work during this time of work and fellowship. It always amazes me to see how people coming from different backgrounds and experiences bond and grow together toward a common goal. In those moments you can get a glimpse of God working, as relationships begin to grow and opportunities to share Jesus are presented.

Once the garden beds were weeded, the plants were divided up among the beds and planting began. Each family had their own bed and were able to decide what they wanted to plant and how they wanted to setup, and manage their part in the garden. Although each family had their own bed, families and volunteers talked and shared their ideas on what might work best. Each bed was unique as it began to take shape and reflected those it belonged to. It didn’t take long after that before those working shaped their beds, looked on with pride and began seeking out the next step or task to take on. Luckily for them, and for us, their enthusiasm was still needed as we had a handful of shared beds for gourds and herbs that still needed to be planted, so as a team they talked their way through setup and planting. Although a big task was put before the garden crew who showed up, from start to finish the smiles never faded and the conversations never stopped flowing. As the planting came to an end, the families wrapped up and were excited to see what was to come next. I think we were are all excited to see what comes next.

Our hope is with some prayers, and maybe a little work, from all of you the garden will succeed at what it was intended to do, build community and show our neighbors how great our God is. I look forward to sharing more news on the garden as the season continues.