Greetings Saints Peter and Paul Lutheran Church,

As the academic year has come to a close, I find myself looking back at the year that has rushed by so quickly. Within this past year I have faced many academic challenges. That being said, I never faced my challenges alone, and it is for that reason that I would like to thank you all. Regardless of what challenges I faced it was always empowering to know that I had the faith, friendship, and prayers behind me to overcome any problem.

You have all once again shown me what it means to be a family in Christ and how to be a steward in the faith. Both your financial and spiritual support have lightened the burden that I face and for that I thank you all.

In this, my sophomore year of college, I have faced a fair share of hurdles within my education including a few specific to the path that I have chosen. Greek has caused a lot of struggles, but I am blessed to say that through hard work and your prayers I have successfully completed my courses and finished the year with very good academic standing.

This year has been a challenge and a blessing and through it all, it has been a blessing to have my family in Christ supporting me. I pray that God may lavish love and peace upon your lives as you have so generously done for me.


Alive In Christ,
Jarod Fenske