Chapter 29

Good morning!

Last week we defined what it means to “be a witness.” Testify with your words and actions how you have personally seen and experienced the risen Jesus.

Where do we do that? And who receives our message?

In Chapter 29, we experience the ministry of the Apostle Paul. This is one of the longer (by shear pages) chapters in The Story. It encompasses a lot of the book of Acts, but also summarizes themes and settings for many of the books of the New Testament written by Paul.

Paul was intentional.

Paul intentionally went to people, places, and cities in order to tell them about how Jesus has risen from the dead as the fulfillment of God’s plan from the beginning.

He often went to “those people.”

You know the ones.
The outcasts. The poor. The ones who look different. The people who we prefer to talk about rather than to.
He spent time with them. He got to know them. He ate with them. He told them about Jesus.

He went to “those places.”

You know the ones.
Where sinners hang out. Where people who believe in different gods gather. Where people are hostile towards Jesus. Where no one really wants to go.

Paul intentionally went to “those people” in “those places.” What about you?

Not all of us are called to be apostles like Paul. You may not be the one who is called to travel to all parts of the world and do wild things.

But, you are still a witness of the risen Jesus.

And, I believe as Christians we are called to intentionally love “those people” in “those places.”

Ask yourself these questions today:
1) Who are “those people” in my community. How do I and others talk about “those people” in my community?
2) Is there any way I can move from talking about them to talking to them?
3) Where are some of “those places” in my community?
4) Is there any way I can go there and be a witness of the risen Jesus by what I say and do?

My the Spirit of God come upon ALL of you with power and peace to testify of our Risen Savior Jesus Christ to ALL people in ALL places!

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron


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