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Some people are like a bull in a china shop when it comes to their speech. Some are like a mouse with a piece of tape over their mouths.

Some of you are big talkers. You’re story-tellers. You’re outgoing. You’re the life of the party. Some of you don’t talk as much. You like to be alone. You have few words to say, but you save up your energy to say the right words. You’re quieter. You’re not going to “put yourself out there.”

And God has called you all to “be his witnesses.”

This week, The Story takes us through the first few chapters in the book of Acts and we hear some stories of what it was like at the very beginning of Christianity.

The apostles went from being locked in a room out of fear, to emboldened by the Holy Spirit speaking the truth of Jesus, in the city of Jerusalem (where the Jews had crucified Jesus just 50 days earlier).

What does it mean to be a witness?
It means that if you’ve seen the work of Jesus directly affect your life or someone else’s life, then you need to talk about it.

So, how has God uniquely gifted you to “be his witness?” The answer to this might be different for every one of you. It also might change over time and based on the situation that you find yourself in.
However, the mandate remains.
If you’ve seen Jesus at work, you need to talk about it.

“How?” you might ask.
“I don’t know the Bible well enough.”
“I don’t have the right answers.”
I’ll tell you the truth. I feel the same way often.

But, we can ask ourselves a few questions TODAY.
1) Who do my eyes see today? 

-Do these people know Jesus?
-Could something I know about Jesus, or something I’ve experienced with Jesus bring comfort, peace, or solace into this person’s life?

2) What do my hands touch today?
-You’re all going to do something tangible today.
-How is the tangible thing that you are touching an image of God at work in this world?
-Could you use those things right in front of you to witness how God has worked in your life?

3) Who do my lips speak to? 
-Most likely you will be talking to people today.
-Pay attention to the opportunities God will present you today to be a witness of how you’ve experienced the love of Jesus.
-You will have all kinds of opportunities either to engage in gossip, or to speak well about people.
-You will be able to promote fear, worry, and stress, or you can speak of how God delivers an out-of-this-world peace.

As a Christian person, you should be able to do this, because – frankly – the reason you’re a Christian is because someone witnessed to you.

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron


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