We’ve got a different kind of week coming up. We call it Holy Week. It starts on Sunday, April 9th. Holy Week is a walk through the events in the final week of Jesus’ life.

If you have never participated in Maundy Thursday, or Good Friday services, I highly encourage you to come. Easter Sunday has way more meaning when we’ve taken the steps with Jesus all the way to the cross.

During Holy Week, there is intended to be an ongoing feeling throughout these days where the worship services flow together. For that reason, I like to put a theme to Holy Week each year to tie everything together.
This year, the theme will be “R U Ready?” 
Each day will focus on a particular “R” word of Jesus connected to events of that day.
Palm Sunday, April 9th: Ride
Maundy Thursday, April 13th: Recline
Good Friday, April 14th: Ravage
Easter Sunday, April 16th: Rise

We will be looking at all of these verbs that Jesus did each day. And at each point we’ll ask “R U Ready?” to follow him?

On Palm Sunday, Jesus rides a donkey into Jerusalem. But, what a ride it is to be a follower of Jesus Christ!

On Maundy Thursday, Jesus reclines at the table to celebrate the Passover with his disciples. When do you recline in the presence of Jesus Christ and truly appreciate his nearness to you?

On Good Friday, Jesus’s body was ravaged, yet at the same time as he is being ravaged, he ravages the power of the devil. How has Jesus ravaged your enemies, or do you feel like the one who is ravaged?

And on Easter Sunday, Jesus will rise from the dead. Because he has risen from the dead, you too will rise on the Last Day.

Over Holy Week our time in The Story will be changed…slightly. Here’s how it will work:
-Sunday, April 9th is Palm Sunday. In The Story, the Palm Sunday procession occurred at the end of chapter 25. This event will be the primary focus of my sermon on Sunday, April 9th.

-The Story, chapter 26, details the events of Maundy Thursday (13th) and Good Friday (14th) and will carry us through Holy Week. Therefore, it will be good preparation to read chapter 26 for Holy Week.

-On Easter Sunday, we’re technically taking a break from The Story, even though we’d be in chapter 27 which is all about the resurrection of Jesus. We’re “officially” covering chapter 27 on April 23rd. Essentially, on Easter, and on April 23rd, we will talk about the resurrection of Jesus’ Christ. Then, we’ll be in chapter 28 on April 30th.

The Season of Lent, and its finality of Holy Week, is my favorite time in the church year as we journey with Jesus and experience his passionate love for us.

I pray that you will take part in as much of the events as possible.

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron

Palm Sunday Sermon:

Maundy Thursday Sermon:

Good Friday Sermon:

Easter Sermon: