Congratulations! You made it through the Old Testament! Give yourself a pat on the back!
In the last 21 weeks, we have heard the truth about who God is as Creator and who we are as his dearly loved creation. We have seen countless times how quickly people fall into sin and how God disciplines his people but also holds firm to his grace-filled promises of deliverance.

Chapter 22 takes us into the New Testament with the birth of Jesus Christ. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if Jesus had never been born? 
From a Christian perspective, this would obviously upset everything that we hold true. We wouldn’t have a Savior. We wouldn’t have forgiveness. We wouldn’t have eternal life and the promise of resurrection. Therefore we wouldn’t have any lasting hope or peace.

If Jesus were never born, would not just affect Christians, but even the secular world. Candy manufacturers would have way less business without Christmas and Easter. As a matter of fact, with no Jesus, Santa and the Easter Bunny would be out of business too. People around the world living in poverty would live in even greater poverty without the Christian call to live charitably. I could go on and on.

But the truth is – Jesus was born. It is historical fact. So, who was he? Just a great, moral teacher? No. Even more than that, he is God in the flesh. God takes on humanity. He is the promised King who will conquer all enemies for the sake of his people (not just the Jews and their earthly enemies, but all people will be saved from Satan and his evil foes). In Jesus, God is With us. He is Immanuel (which means, God with us). Our God is not far away. He is near. Even today. Jesus is alive – risen from the dead! Through the power of His Spirit, he is near. He knows your needs and he is here to deliver you and give you new life for all of eternity!

Because Jesus was born, we do not worship a God who is “out there” that we need to go find. We worship a God who is “right here” that has come to find us.

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron

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