The title of this chapter is “Rebuilding the Walls.” You know what’s kind of funny…I’m not really sure how to talk about “building a wall” without it sounding a wee bit political.
So, allow me to be clear from the beginning, we’re not talking about building a wall on the southern border of our country, we’re talking about the ancient city of Jerusalem.

Even though this chapter has nothing to do with our southern border, and we’re definitely not going to talk about the politics surrounding it, I suppose in the simplest way, there are still some similarities with Jerusalem. Because in some ways, the point is the same. A wall is a wall is a wall. A wall serves a purpose. It’s mostly for protection to keep out the things you don’t want and keep in the things that you do. I bet you’re grateful for the nicely insulated walls of your house when it’s snowing and blowing outside.

Jerusalem needed the wall around their city rebuilt. Without it, the newly returned exiles, with their newly built temple, would have been overrun quickly by their enemies. It was a necessity at that time. And God made it happen.

God built up his people…from nothing. They were once a mighty nation. And then they became nothing. He is building them again. And he’s building them upon his Word. Ezra – the priest, brings God’s Word back to them. It is the Word which builds them up. It is their foundation. It is their mortar. It is their protection. It is their life. And it is yours. The Word of God is yours.

God has built you…from nothing. He created you. He formed you. And now, here you are. You are part of his global and timeless body. Alive. Truly and fully alive in him. As part of his body (the Church), you are knitted together with one another. You are built up on the Word and built together in the Word.

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