The other morning, I did what I do each day and helped get the kids up and fed breakfast before heading into work. On this one morning, on my drive to work, I thought, “I wonder if this is what God feels like on a daily basis.” In the span of a half hour, I had done everything from hug and give compassion to a child who had some sort of boo-boo, while at the same time disciplining another who was not doing what was asked. And then we moved into getting them food. They complained about the food and I had to extend the threats of no cartoons for the day. And when all was resolved, we kissed and hugged before going off to work speaking words of genuine love for one another. It’s not the first day this has happened, or first moment, but I really thought about it in relationship to the way God speaks to us as his dearly loved children. I’m sure the rest of you parents can relate.

As you read chapter 16, I pray that you see the fullness of God’s Word being spoken by the prophets to God’s people.

Every one of us need to experience the fullness of God’s Word. That is, God’s Word is both Law and Gospel.
In its simplest definition, the Law of God kills and the Gospel makes alive.
The Law is defined as “God’s will for how His creation should function.”
The Gospel (literally good news) is, “Sinners are not capable of keeping the Law, so God fulfills it himself in the person of Jesus Christ freely giving us forgiveness and new life.”

Because all people are sinners, we all need to hear the fullness of God’s Word. We need to be reminded that our sin is not good. We need to know that “the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23). If we do not hear this, then we have no reason to repent (turn from) our sin. Yet, we also need to hear that the punishment of sin has been paid by Jesus Christ. He frees us from our sin and gives us forgiveness and new life in exchange. The Law of God and the Gospel are necessary for all people.

We’ll dig into this much more on Sunday morning. I pray that I’ll see you in worship!

Have a blessed week!

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