In chapter 15 of The Story, things are not going well. The kings have been led astray by worship of false gods, and therefore they have led the people astray. They have taken on the ways of the world and by and large rejected their God. Yet, the craziest part in all of this is how faithful God is to his promises. Ok, maybe it’s not crazy, but God is certainly much more patient and gracious than I would be!

In this chapter of The Story, a lot of Scripture is covered. The main thrust of the chapter is to show God’s means for calling His people to repentance. God sends prophets (messengers) to speak His Word oftentimes to leaders and people who don’t even care to hear it. That’s a tough job!

Think about the culture in which we currently live. Maybe our “neck of the woods” is a little bit more religiously affiliated than some more cosmopolitan regions of the country. Yet, it’s also much the same. I just started reading a book called The Rise of the Nones which draws upon a good deal of sociological research. Those who choose “none” for their religious preference in this country is the fastest growing “religious group” in America. It comprises the 2nd largest “religious group” of the population after Roman Catholics. This is the world in which you and I live and have been called to bear witness to. And, it’s the world that would also desire to swallow us up. That’s a tough job!

My prayer for you is that you would constantly keep the memory of God alive in your daily living through prayer and Scripture reading. Jesus stepped into this world to fulfill the message of all the prophets. Jesus is the one who came not only to speak the message of God, but to BE the message. The message that God is absolutely relentless in His pursuit of you and all sinners like you to forgive you and restore you. HE is relentless. There is no where that He will not pursue you in order to save you. Think of it…He has already gone the way of death for you and lived to see another day. All this He does FOR YOU.

Live in His love. Experience His grace. Speak His truth to this world.

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