It’s good to be home after a week vacation visiting family in Minnesota. I had a great time celebrating the birth of Jesus with all of you as we took a little break from The Story. Now, I’m excited to get back into God’s Story with chapter 14: The Kingdom Torn in Two.

Being King was the family business for those in David’s lineage. Sons inherit the throne from their fathers. It just doesn’t seem to go too well for most of them. Why is this? Things don’t go well when the king (and the people) turn from their relationship with the true God and worship other false gods. Because when they do this, they are also claiming their own authority and not acknowledging the one who is ultimately in control.

This is not just the sin of kings, but it is the sin of all people. It’s my sin and it is yours. At the heart and core of every one of our sins is our desire to usurp God’s authority in our lives and to be the decider of good and evil. When we do this, sin leads to separation. It leads to division. Just as the selfish sins of the kings led to a divided nation.

There is only one who can unite: Jesus. Jesus forgives. Jesus demonstrates power by giving it all up. He shows his authority by laying it down. Jesus humbly gives up everything so that you can have it all and have it to the full!

Forgiveness and love are your reality today. Jesus has a relationship with you because he has chosen you. Live in him. You are Alive in Christ!

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