I pray that you go to the polls and vote today. We have been blessed to live in a land where we have a voice. God has blessed you with faith to trust in Him. He has given you your mind to think, your heart to feel, your voice to speak, your hands to serve, and your feet to go. He has blessed you with eternal forgiveness and love in Jesus Christ!

As you go to the polls today, I encourage you to do 3 things:
1) Pray: that God’s Will would be done through your simple act of voting.
2) Thank: God for claiming you to be a child of His. Ultimately, you belong to God. This government belongs to God. It all belongs to God, because it has all come from Him.
3) Serve: everyone that you have the opportunity to serve today. Do your best to bear witness to Christ today and every day! Thank the people working at the polls. Live in grace and humility as you stand in line. Then, after you cast your vote, go and love your neighbor.

And when it’s all said and done and Wednesday comes, pray that the Lord Almighty will use whoever it is for His greater plan and His greater good. He is Sovereign. He Rules. He Reigns. Now and forever.

Now, here’s some good news for today! Whether you vote Democrat, Independent, Republican, or write in your cousin’s friend’s half-brother for President, God’s Kingdom is for you!! The Kingdom of God is for all who call upon the name of the Lord.

This is the point of Chapter 9 in The Story. Ruth, a non-Israelite, calls upon the name of the Lord and she is brought into the family of God. No one should really even know Ruth’s name. She was a nobody. She was not an Israelite. She lived in a different region. She worshipped other gods. But, she married Israelite. Then, her husband died. His brother died. Her father in law died. Her mother-in-law had been searching for a better life in this distant country but instead was surrounded by death. She needed to go home to Bethlehem and she told Ruth to go home. But, Ruth didn’t. Instead, Ruth spoke these bold words, “Where you go, I’ll go, and where you stay I’ll stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.”

And that’s what happened. They returned to Bethlehem. Then, through the selfless love of a man named Boaz, Ruth was given a new start in a foreign land with a new husband. Through this relationship, Ruth even ends up being the great-grandmother of David, which also places her in the lineage of Jesus (Matt. 1).

What does this story mean for us? Well, I pray you come to church on Sunday morning to hear the full answer to this question. But, on a day like election day, when you’re going to be tempted to put your hope in the powers and principalities of this world, I think the story of Ruth does three things:
1) It reminds us that Jesus Christ is our true Redeemer, who has purchased and won us from all sin, death, and the power of the devil. Not with gold or silver, but with His holy precious blood and His innocent suffering and death.
2) It points out the power of living in selfless love and humility (Ruth with Naomi, Boaz with Ruth). So, go love your neighbor!
3) The Kingdom of God is for all people!! God created all people. Christ came to save all people. Don’t let the politics fool you. You ALL, despite your vote, belong to the Lord Almighty. His Kingdom will reign forever and ever.

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