As we heard and experienced this last week, the story of Joseph and his family is one of great hope for all of us. God was with Joseph in the low times of his life and in the high times of his life. God was faithful to Joseph because God is faithful to his promises. God is just as faithful to you as well! The covenant promise God made with Joseph’s great-grandfather Abraham was still as much a reality for Joseph as it was for Abraham when he received it. Chapter 4 occurs almost 400 years later, and God is still, 100% committed to following through on blessing this people and getting them to the “promised” land. It’s called the promised land because God promised it to Abraham and his family.

As you read chapter 4, “Deliverance” will be the key word/theme. Deliverance means to be taken from one place to another. You cannot deliver yourself. Someone else has to deliver you. Pay attention in this chapter to all of the times that God delivers his people. Notice how God spares his people in order to continue accomplishing his plan and purpose through people.

A couple things to ponder as you read.
1) God always delivers on his promises!
2) God always delivers his grace to you!
3) Through Baptism, you have been delivered from slavery in sin to new life in Christ just as the Israelites passed through the waters of the Red Sea.

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