God is working in the lives of people carrying out His plan and purpose! Did you notice in chapter 2 how active God is? Abram and Sarai couldn’t be patient enough for God to deliver on his promise so they took matters into their own hands conceiving a son with Hagar. Jacob and Esau were fighting from the day they were in the womb before they were even born. Yet, God remained faithful.

The story continues in Chapter 3 with God continuing His faithfulness, even in spite of the inconsistencies of people’s faith. In Chapter 3, we hear the story of Joseph. The poor little brother, loved most by his father, and despised most by his brothers.

There are some amazing highlights in this story, and there are some incredibly low points in this story.

From our Lower Story perspective, we can associate with Joseph. Sometimes things go really well in life. And then, sometimes things seem to get pulled out from under us.

If we’re living completely with a Lower Story perspective we might say, “Where are you God? Did you change your mind about me?” And this is where we need the Upper Story to hold us together.

The Upper Story is the story of God’s faithfulness to us. He promises to never leave us and to never forsake us. So, no matter what you face, remember that first and foremost God will always be faithful to you!

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