I pray that you’ve been having a blessed week. What a powerful way to start off our time in The Story! It’s so fundamental for us to find our footing in foundation of creation. Without a clear understanding of what’s going on in the story of creation, we will struggle to fully grasp what God is doing throughout the rest of the Scriptures, let alone our own lives. Remember – God is creator. That’s the best definition of who He is.

When we look at these first few chapters in Genesis, and we notice a lot of details lacking, we might start to get lost in detail. My encouragement is to ask the hard questions, but if you don’t get an answer, look back at the Scriptures to what we DO have. What can you learn from what we DO have? Well, in the first few chapters, we learn very quickly that God is creator. We are not. And our desire, just like our ancestors, is to challenge God’s authority. Yet, our God does not leave us alone. He continuously pursues us because he desires to be with us.

This is the story of the Bible. How is playing out while you read chapter 2?

As You Read Chapter 2

Ponder these questions:

  • Were Abram and Sarai patient with God to fulfill his promise to give them a child? Do you ever struggle being patient with God?
  • Sarai laughed at God’s promise. A child at 99?! Ha! Yet, God delivered on his promise. She even named her son “he laughs” (Isaac). Have you ever had a time when God did something extraordinary in your life and, almost in disbelief, you laughed?
  • In this Chapter 2, God is working his plan through people. Not one of them is perfect. As a matter of fact, they all fail quite miserably. But, God’s purpose still happens. How can you be encouraged knowing that God uses ONLY sinful people to accomplish his purpose?

Alive in Christ!
Pastor Aaron

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