Dear Friends in Christ,

Here we go! It’s time to get into The Story. Many of you have had your copy of The Story for a few weeks now and I’ve already heard that some of you are even working ahead. That’s great! I’m super excited for you and your families to be in God’s Word together over the next year.

My intent each week is to send you a quick little email update of the previous week’s lesson and a few things to ponder as you read the next chapter.

As You Read Chapter 1
Ponder these questions:

  • Do I believe that God is powerful enough to create everything that exists?
  • What can I learn about who God is through the story of creation?
  • What can I learn about my relationship with God through the story of creation?
  • What was Adam and Eve’s first sin? Do I struggle with the same thing?

Alive in Christ!
Pastor Aaron

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